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Maine Parent Federation is expanding our level of support in our Family Support Navigator Program!

Maine Parent Federation is excited to announce that we are adding additional support to families via our Family Support Navigator program.
Our Family Support Navigators provide direct peer support to families using a family-centered method to assist in navigating all systems of care, increase access to services, and increase positive outcomes for families of children with special healthcare needs.
The goal of the Family Support Navigator program is always to provide a listening ear as well as information and resources to help strengthen relationships, educate and empower families.
Through a partnership with medical providers Maine Parent Federation recognized and understood families of children with serious health/medical conditions may require additional peer support in areas of pediatric palliative care and medical care. In response to this need and by offering additional training in these specific areas to our Navigators we are now offering this level of support to families, and have expanded the program to include families and caregivers of children with serious or complex medical needs as well! We are looking forward to supporting these families and offering support and resources in these areas that are important and specific to their family’s needs.
If your family needs one to one peer support, or you know a family that could use support and resources, please reach out to our office. We can be reached by phone, email or social media.

1 (207) 588 1933