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Executive Student Transition Committee

Help students reshape their future and their plan! Help lead youth efforts to support students transitioning from highschool into adulthood.

Join the growing Executive Student Transition (EST) Committee, a project by the Maine Department of Education Office of Special Services and Inclusive Education! We’re a passionate group of young individuals with diverse abilities and unique challenges, dedicated to shaping a brighter future for individuals transitioning into adulthood.

We’re on a mission to expand our reach across the state, extending our support to more communities, schools, and groups. Our focus is on enhancing opportunities for both current students and recent graduates to access essential transition services. We’re here to guide and support them as they step into adulthood, whether it’s pursuing higher education, vocational training, or exploring various career paths by building systems that respond to an individual’s individual needs.

Do you have a young person in mind you would like to nominate? Are you a young person looking for a leadership opportunity? Get connected today!


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