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” All colleges that get federal funds must ensure equal access to students with disabilities. That means they have to provide reasonable accommodations, and have to comply with section 504. Many have disability offices for that but some will just offer the support through their student services. ”

Xavier is a young adult in Maine that share his experiences of accessing accommodations in college, and tips for youth and young adults to implement as they prepare for their future. At the heart of his journey is the creation and launch of a groundbreaking 3D-printed fidget designed to enhance focus and relaxation. Discover Xavier’s unique approach as he leverages his skills and abilities to not only overcome obstacles in his academic pursuits but also to contribute to the world of assistive technology.

Join us to learn about Xavier’s past, present, and plans for the future.

Where do you see yourself?

*As a disclaimer, MPF is not affiliated with this community member or their personal/private endeavors. We hope this “Community Highlight” portrays a positive examples, tips, & practices for youth and young adults in Maine, while showcasing the scope of opportunities available to them.

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