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Maine Parent Federation is looking to collaborate with local Maine school districts!


Hello educators and Maine school staff!

Did you know Maine Parent Federation offers events for youth and young adults? We are looking to collaborate with your district! Get connected with us to find out how!


Offer 1: Self-Advocacy Presentation

Self-Advocacy is the learned skill of recognizing your needs, and communicating with others. This is important for all of us to learn over the course of our lives and as we become adults. We can think about what skills we already have that we can utilize and will empower us for the future. What areas do we need to identify and ask for support in? The ability to make decisions –and make mistakes is what makes us human! It’s about how we can learn from ourselves and our experiences that help us become successful adults. We want to bring conversations and activities to your students to help them recognize and learn about these skills.


Offer 2: Transition Resource Fair

In addition to our Self-Advocacy training mentioned above, we also offer larger- and more involved resources fairs.

  • Self-Advocacy trainings are offered either before, or during as break out sessions.* 
  • MPF invites regional agencies and organizations to participate as vendors.
    • Vocational rehabilitation, potential employers, local colleges & universities, service providers

*can be offered 2-3 times during the day if there is a large student presence/multiple districts involved.

For students, this can be a great opportunity to spend some time reflecting on what it means to be a self-advocate and what that means when planning for your future. 

For educators, MPF understands that during the school year activities and projects like these can often be stressful for school staff to implement on their own with limited resources. Our staff here at Maine Parent Federation are looking to create a partnership with more of our school districts. 


What do we need from schools? It’s simple!

  1. An area to provide a presentation,  and an area such as (gym/ rec. area/ hall) to set up vendors, and allow students to move around.
  2. Student & staff participation!

If you are interested in learning more about how we can collaborate, please feel free to contact our trainers Allison and Dylan. We look forward to working with your school community!

1 (207) 588 1933