Our Family Support Navigators are experienced parents of children with disabilities or special healthcare needs in Maine who have navigated the many systems of care in their personal lives. Our Navigators are matched with families based on location and need to provide information and one-on-one support to families. Each Navigator uses their life experience and support from MPF staff to empower families when advocating for their child’s needs.

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I give Maine Parent Federation, Inc. permission to give this information to a Family Support Navigator (FSN) for the purpose of assisting me with the issues I have identified. I understand that a FSN will be contacting me after the Regional Coordinator receives this signed form.(Required)
How can we help? What type of support or assistance would you like from our Family Support Navigator program?
IEP's, 504's, educational aides
Communication amongst all paid professionals
* Specific for families of child/children with serious/special medical needs, this could include visiting nurses, therapy, medical equipment
Katie Beckett, Private, MaineCare, Social Security
Emotional/Spiritual (ex. peer support/groups, organized/unorganized religious groups). Respite, State services, etc.